MY MOTHER KILLED ME – the immoral behavior of Thongsay Souphavongsay to her ill son

My mother on a trip to Vietnam, while she debts and ruins his ill son, who became homeless, she threw it in the street, and she demonizes with his entourage.

How THONGSAY SOUPHAVONGSAY persecutes , ruins, and throws in the street his seriously ill son FRÉDÉRIC PHONSAVANH MARIEZ with no income …

My face contorted with demodectic mange . But this time, I ‘m better . The infected scabs have disappeared from my face. But until when ?

THONGSAY SOUPHAVONGSAY throws in the street her son FREDERIC PHONSAVANH MARIEZ seriously ill, she tax fraud , and makes him blame, withdraws him his subsistence income, and heavily indebted him to the CAF (state aid administration) , to save her taxes , refuses to help him by taking her responsibility , treats him as a thief and a nobody , and pretends him to be a monster to her entourage , when he is only defending himself , so to justify her bad deeds .1 month after my release from the hospital. I weigh 68 kg (149 lb) for 1.92m (3,3 ft). I am skeletal . It’s summer but I am always cold .

PERSECUTED BY MY MOTHER : the descent into hell

A mother who throw in the street her seriously ill son , yet easy to live, so she has a big empty house , where she is never there. A mother who , to save her taxes , is responsible for removing RSA (state aid) of her ill son , and his suicidal over-indebtedness. An hysterical mother , violent and liar , who pretend to be a victim angel, and his son, a parasitic monster, thankless and without respect.

SUMMER 2015 : My body is covered with lesions , because of the uncontrolled proliferation of demodex mites, and this for over 8 months. Itching is terrible, I do not sleep at night, I go crazy . Moreover , my body is covered with huge, painful abscesses that dump daily liters of dirty droppings.

At that time, I do not have any income , CAF takes my RSA for 4 months (state aid) , I eat at the « Resto du Coeur » with homeless people, and I sleep at friends…

Because my mom threw me in the street, and because she said to the State, that she payed me a maintenance, which is false, in order to save taxes.

So that CAF (state aid) declares me fraudster, requires me reimbursement of 2 years of RSA, plus Christmas bonuses , plus 600 € penalty. In the end I have to pay more than 6,000 €, while I can not even work.

Obviously , my mother will not even help me and solve the problem which she is responsible .


Since my illness, I survive only with the RSA (small state aid) , or 460 € per month. It is hard and long to obtain disability status, to receive more aid from the state : the symptoms are very diverse and changing , and my state of health varies . My mother refuses to kiss me , disgusted by my disease , even before the whole family, even at Christmas, where she spends her time blaming me at Eve.

My legs eaten away by demodectic , a type of non-contagious scabies , which itches so much that I do not sleep at night . On my right calf , a huge abscess has burst.


For over 2 years , that I no longer live with my mother. The first year I lived with my ex-girlfriend , with whom I have since broken . The second year , I was homeless, because thrown to the street by my mother, despite my illness. Yet I do not smoke , do not drink, do not use drugs , have no pets, am clean and easy going.


My mother lives alone in a large suburban house , which she has finished paying the credit, since a long time. She is there only on weekends. The week she sleeps in her 11 m² studio, near the luxury Porte Maillot in Paris. But still, she refuses me to live in her house, even on weekdays when she’s not there .

Pavilion of my mother in Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes,in Seine-et-Marne (77). She is never there , only on weekends when she is not at her boyfriend’s house, or traveling. The week she sleeps in his studio in Porte Maillot in Paris. Meanwhile , her ill son is ruined and sleeps in his car, by her fault …

Luxury 11m² studio owned by my mother near the expensive Porte Maillot in Paris. She sleeps there during all the week, and returns to her vast empty suburban house during the weekend, except when she is not at her boyfriend’s house, or traveling. Meanwhile, her ill son is ruined and sleeps in his car, by her fault …


After the break with my ex-girlfriend , so I naturally returned home. But her violent reaction was quick . Accusing me of dirtying her house with my scabs and dead skin from my disease, I left on the ground, she assaulted , clawing me unto blood as usual . In self defense , I threatened to strike . She then yells  » My son hit me !!! my son hit me !!! » . She said to my family that I really hit her . My cousins threaten me with violence. She requires me to give her the keys of the house, I refuse. She knows I am ill, she don’t care.

Deep scar scratch by my mother. It is his habit since I was a child, in my earliest memories .

For this scar, it’s when she tried to expel me from her home , when I was seriously ill (see the skin of my face in the picture ) , and survived with the RSA only (state aid) . When she scratched me unto blood, snatching my skin , I defended myself , threatening to strike . She then told to the family that I had really hit her . My cousins have even threatened me violent reprisals .


Having no home , I still sleep in her home during week , when she’s not there. And on weekends, I sleep in my car in a parking, about 100 meters from her house , even when it snows , even when the police come knocking on my window, so that she can be quiet with her boyfriend, who comes to the house , and drives an overpriced huge Sport Audi. I’m ill , I defecate in my car, but I have no choice.


Afficher l'image d'origineTo avoid conflicts , I go two months to live with my father in Normandy. But his house is too small to accommodate my stuff , and live all together in it. I leave , and I go from house to house , visiting friends around France. Being homeless , I can’t heal myself, because appointments with dermatologists take one month minimum waiting . Then, from June to September 2015, the CAF (state aid agency) stops my RSA (state aid) , for mysterious reasons . I have no income , and I eat at the charity restaurants for starving people.


On october, my RSA mysteriously returns, but decreased by 50 € , I am accused of fraud , but without detailed reasons . I decided to live with a roommate in the Jura mountains near Switzerland . My mother told me good wishes , but is not concerned at all by my health , which destroys me since more than 1 year . I explain her that I need one month to prepare for my departure. She screams that I have to hurry because I spoil her life , even if we almost never see , and I ‘ve never asked her money before.


In November 2015, she calls me . What a surprise ! I did’nt hear her voice for over 1 year ! She asks me to my news about my health. I cry loudly : I walk with crutches , was feverish and thin, skin infected to blood. The reality is that she called for me only to explain her how to change alarm batteries, which I was in charge for over 15 years. That’s all she wanted , but I accept it because she is my mother, and she makes me emotional blackmail , by crying on the phone to show to her boyfriend, in order to affect him : she is still the victim to be pitied because she has had a hard life in Laos etc.


When I still lived with my ex-girlfriend , when I was already very ill, despite the conflicts , I wanted to reconcile with my mother. After all, she came to see me in hospital when I had my pneumonia. We had to make peace. So she offered me to help her for paying her taxes . I agree , because it’s my mother anyway. Family must help each other . During these two years, when I was not living under her roof, we jointly declare to the administration, that I was living with her, and that she poured me alimony in kind (housing, food , clothing …) , this which is totally false reality. Thus, she saves a few hundred euros thank to me.


The law , concerning the CAF (state aid administration) , is ambiguous on this subject. Depending on the case ( we must clarify ), I have or not, to declare these payments (alimony) to determine my right to RSA . I interpreted that this was not necessary. I have therefore not reported . CAF surveyed taxes, and decided that I was a fraudster . With this alleged child support paid , I did not deserve the RSA during these two years of disease.

€ 6,000 DEBT

Accused as fraudster , I must now pay to CAF two years of RSA , plus Christmas bonuses , plus a penalty of € 600. My RSA is now blocked since 7 months, and the few times it was released , it was down 50 %. Representing a total of over € 6,000 . Obviously, I can not pay and I must survive.


Now my health allows me to work if I can find a job , which is not yet succeeded, despite numerous attempts . But if I work, half of my annual pay will go to repay the CAF , a totally unjust debt.


I asked for help to my mother. I asked her nicely to explain the situation to the CAF , that this support was virtual , that it was only to help her to pay her taxes , that I was not living under her roof … « Let me quiet , « she replied several times. She refuses totally to help me, and accused me of defrauding taxes, while I had nothing to gain. I get angry. So she no longer listens and unresponsive . So I have to assume alone . She is probably afraid of a tax adjustment .


I try to make peace, to reconcile us to have a united and harmonious family . She will not listen . Then I promised to disappear from her life, if she tell the truth to the CAF , in signing me a certificate , how she never paid me a real support, and saying that I was not living at her home. She accepts the proposal, and promised me to contact my social worker who try to help me. But during the telephone conversation with him, despite his arguments to try to convince her of the seriousness of the situation , my mother refused , claiming that we are in conflict , and that we have no contact anymore since a long time.


Having no income , I was exiled in deep Jura mountains , in a collocation that was going very badly : I live with a « mad – with – cats  » in a dark cold house stinking and dirty, where I have no rights , where 15 animals are locked up in various rooms , all dirty with their droppings , and that I had to take care while their mistress spent all her time to work , spend and get into debts, even with I who lived in misery …


I call my father for help, who saves me in welcoming me into his new home in french Britain, much larger , and therefore can accommodate me , and take care of myself . It is here today that I redo my life and my health, even though I still do not have RSA, although my debt has not still been cleared.


Me being angry by SMS, my mother changed the lock of the house, afraid that, ruined and ill at the other end of France, I came importuning her in her home. Also, she changes the code of the alarm, which I attended for more than 15 years, even in my current period of illness, when she threw me on the street, even when I was exile in the glacial Jura, in the misery and suffering of the disease. Now the alarm is directed against me, I’m the intruder, the thief. She gives the key to my sister, so she opens the door, so I can get my stuff, but she does not want to get involved in the conflict and refuses. I travel from the french Britain, with the intention of calling a locksmith to open the door of the house, where I am still residing on all my paperwork. The neighbor denounced me, and the police intervened: the law is on the owner side. If I would open the door, I would go to jail. I am treated like a thief. My sister finally agreed to open the door, but my mother decided at the last minute to refuse, as a whim. So I traveled 400 km for nothing, with over € 200 fee, and has to go my father’s home, my hands empty, still ruined and indebted by my mother, who won’t do anything to help me, and continues to demonize me with his entourage. Obviously, when I insult her by SMS, she complained to my cousins, and she is still the victim …


… While she throws in the street his ill son , she ruined and indebted , pushing him to suicide !

While her son is in misery by her fault, she leads a luxury living. While he sleeps in his car, and eats to charity restaurants, she left on a cruise in the Baltic Sea , visiting Los Angeles, spends her holidays in Thailand, present her boyfriend to her family in Laos, travel in a romantic weekend in Rome, and pretends to be a friendly and virtuous woman to everyone , and her son for an aggressive parasite, disrespectful and ungrateful .


My mother stored my belongings in the garage, so I can recover them without setting foot in her house. So I have to come back again from french Brittany (400 km) at my expense (200 € ), while I have no income , and , because of her . She requires the presence of the police , telling them that I am violent, aggressive and dangerous.


Autoimmune disease : 2 years of non-ended fight…

Various symptoms , acute lung infection , diet fevers , various skin and blood infections , lower limb paralysis …

It all starts at Christmas 2013:


– Huge painful mouth ulcers that prevent me from eating
– Candida Albican in my mouth and my throat, my tongue (candidiasis : uncontrolled growth of yeast in the digestive tract )
– Serous otitis : my left ear is deaf for over 6 months
– Violent conjunctivitis : I go blind and can not stand any light source, even that of a mobile phone that causes me severe pain , even through my closed eyelids .
– Progressive lung infection: I cough more and more.


June 2014 : the fall . 4 fevers per day , I lose 20 kg in one month , I descended to 68 kg for 1m92 , I was skeletal . I cough to tear me my lungs , I can no longer breathing, walking, climbing stairs, my nights are nightmares , I’m dying .


Nevertheless, I am optimistic , and I minimize the symptoms. During a weekend in the south of France , I was admitted to emergency in Apt hospital, then I moved to Avignon. I out of , hoping that my health will improve with time. Throughout my illness I tested countless dietary supplements and diets, without effects.


July 2014, I relapsed and was rushed to hospital , at the Pitié Salpêtrière in Paris. I’m respiratory failure, and in a quite undead state . I can not stand no smell, no smoke , no moisture , and no particle in the air, causing me endless violent coughing. Doctors put me on oxygen and various and toxic antibiotics. Doctors are helpless and do not find the pathogen.


In August 2014 , so I decided to go out, against medical advice, and go to Spain, at my friend , the dissident doctor Alain Scohy , who promises me a speedy recovery . In two days , he stops my fevers , giving me the right antibiotic, which had been denied at the hospital because considered obsolete . He then rebuild me , with nutritional supplements and some Chinese medicine.


In the months that follow, I gained weight and my lungs heal. Hospital doctors do not believe that I could heal without their medications, and , thanks to a dissident doctor , they treat quack .


January 2015 , I am now suffering from a skin disease called demodicosis . This is a hyper mite allergy , the symptoms are similar to scabies. These mites called Demodex , proliferate uncontrollably and cause violent scratching , and thus lesions all over the body . Again , dermatologists are helpless, despite the various treatments they prescribe me , for endless months. I can not sleep because of itching , I’m afraid of going crazy .


In August 2015 , my body is covered with enormous and painful abscess, which burst and discharge daily liters of excreta. The biggest is on my right shoulder , it looks like I ‘m a hunchback .


October 2015 my abscess down, but my demodectic becomes impetigo. My excoriations are transformed into huge festering scabs that cover my whole body , and even the face . My blood is infected , again, I suffered from 4 fevers per day, and again loses a lot of weight . My scratchings infect my legs , which swell and become painful to the point of not being able to put my foot on the ground without screaming. So I repeated erysipelas . Et emergency , they give me each time antibiotics. A huge abscess swelled my left calf , the size of a melon. I can not straighten the leg . For 3 months I walk with crutches.


January 2016, my impetigo becomes Lichen Planus , a chronic skin infection . I retake all my weight and my fitness . I redo sport, boxing, martial arts . I climb the rope, and make pullings. But my skin is still not cured, even if there are improvements , thanks to my new dermatological treatments . Under the left thigh , however, I have an abscess that has lasted for over 8 months. I still have itchy scabs on the scalp.

I HAVE ALWAYS WORKED : until I got ill …

I never lived with my mother’s money.

Contrary to what she peddles around her, I started to work at my 18 years old (Quick fast-food in 1999 ) , and she never paid me anything . Studies, holidays, license, car, phone , clothing, food, rent , training, theater … I always paid everything myself.


I paid myself countless international tours (USA, UK, China , Laos, Thailand , Greece, Turkey , Italy, Spain, Germany … ) . I paid 2 times my driving license , 10 years apart (I failed the first time , and had given up ) , with over 20 hours of additional driving every time.


Then, living alone with her, in her huge empty pavilion , I always paid her , since the end of my studies in 2003, € 300 rent per month , while she had finish to pay the credit of his house, since a well long time. For a 11sqm room, in my mother’s home, with no rights in the rest of her house , that’s very expensive for only water and electricity.


Afficher l'image d'origineAfter my studies , I worked in the world of images : modeling, cinema ( small roles and extras ) , event (host) … For 2 years I was paying € 400 a month my theater lessons. What is the price of a prestigious private school.


Then, I formed myself in massage (shiatsu , Thai, Californian , Ayurvedic … ) , with my own expenses. Then I became entrepreneur masseur for more than 5 years. Earning a good living , I had two bank accounts, and paid over € 140 for car insurance.


However, I never had a stable job , stable incomes , regular classic work timing (subway – working – sleeping) , which infuriated my mother.


Social status, marital venality , totally uninhibited and assumed …


She complex of not having diplomas, and she idolizes, without any possible criticism , those who have, and who have also acquired a prestigious social status.


 » Succeeding as Zahia « , a famous call-girl in France (see the picture), this is the model to follow for her . The couple must be a profitable business . The proof is his registration on eDarling , a dating site where men must show their incomes.

« I want highter than a doctor, I already had one, I can get better. » She has found a nice project-manager-engineer, who drives a monstrous sport Audi. Her ex- boyfriend doctor has paid her his expensive Mercedes and luxury cruises. What will the new-one bring ?


Since my mother is dating a cultured man , but rich and graduate, the only requirement for listening and respecting him, she discovered a sudden interest in French culture and its regions, for the European heritage, its history, that she discovered her new love .


Contrariwise , she permit her to criticize his son , accusing him falsely to live on her back , she expels him in the street when he is ill , ruined him and indebted him unfairly, to make him a hobo until suiciding !


-> She has almost all the characteristics of a narcissistic perverse


She suffers from hysterical ultra-violent crises, where any discussion is impossible. The intervention of the security forces is the only solution . Like here in Thailand, where a woman who loses self-control is attacking police officers . The symptoms of my mother here are exactly the same.

CLICK : Psychiatric symptom of female hysteria in Thailand

When I was a child , it took the intervention of four firefighters and one doctor to neutralize her with an injection of tranquillizers , who had had small effect . The doctor himself had testified on paper, that my mother suffered from psychiatric disorders treble .


Here is the earliest memory I have of my mother. She disputes with my father, I was 2 years old . She has angry tears , his eyes are all-black with hatred. I’m scared and does not understand anything , I’m going in his arms to ask her a reassuring hug. She pushes me violently, deeply scratching my arms . Never again, she will represents to me a source of comfort , but rather a symbol of dangerous folly .


Another time, she still disputes with my father , she becames hysterical and violent. My father is forced to call a doctor to calm her. She is threatening him, so that he must call firefighters. They catch her as they can, 4 men. She struggles like a demon possessed . The doctor picked her with a tranquilizer , hoping that it will calm her overnight , which lasted only few hours … Himself says that she suffers from severe psychiatric problems. She herself says « My soul is dark »,  » I have problems , I’m sorry , I will consult specialists , » she never did.


Any discussion has never been possible with her. She cuts the sentences , and refuses to hear any ideas, contrary to his beliefs . If one insists on trying to express , she screams shrilly and begins to break everything .


She is never proud of her children , who must be perfect . She is ashamed of them, if they do not have a prestigious status (a permanent job with good incomes) , whatever they else do in life. She spends her time to make them feel guilty , devalue them , in a so sneaky manner , subtle and cold , even when they need reassurance. She has no compassion. What matters to her is only their financial success .

WAR AT ALL COSTS :  » a control monster « 

She excels in hurtful words , public humiliation , seeking conflict to the end, even when there is none, trying to submit , to enrage , and to trigger anger , then she complains, and positions herself as an innocent victim. In an absolute bad faith, she places her beliefs above the obvious reality she denies. According to one of my American cousins, she is a  » control monster  » she said , after few days staying at her home.


As a talented actress, she has a different mask for each person , abusing a honeyed hypocritical tone , and tensed smiles that sound false . Very image-conscious in society , she therefore appears in public as a friendly and virtuous woman that everyone loves , passing her enemies, she defames for horrible monsters who persecute her .


Behind her angelic look, a dangerous sick psychopath mentally ill : a perverse-narcissistic manic-hysterical, manipulative actress, violent physically, psychologically and verbally …

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